The Kodan Way

Kodan is a software development company located in Helsinki and Tampere. We work with digital services and design.

Kodan is built on creativity, collaboration and easy living

Creativity is at the heart of everything. New ideas, concepts and new ways of thinking and working are the things that keep us going. We are a launching platform for all kinds of new and creative ideas.

Collaboration is what Kodan is built on. We believe in seamless teamwork and no one is ever left behind. We always work towards a common goal. No soloists allowed.

Our ultimate goal is easy living. Our aim is for everyone at Kodan to have the time to live the kind of life they want. To us, huge amounts of overtime and constantly feeling rushed aren’t something to brag about. They are more of a sign that something is wrong. Kodan’s ideology of easy living also extends to the nearby surroundings: when you’re a part of Kodan’s extended family, stress, overtime and feeling slightly pissed off are only occasional occurrences.

We want everyone at Kodan and those close to us to live their lives without stress or sleepless nights - and also have some fun every now and then! After all, this is just work.

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Kasperi aims for success.

What do we offer to our clients?

Experience: We have some of the most experienced IT professionals in the entire Finnish industry working with us. The average Kodan employee has roughly 14 years of experience in the field. We have people working with us whose parents and grandparents have worked with software development. We know what we are doing.

True agility: We are a young and flexible company. Our creative working methods and small size enables us to adapt to almost any possible collaboration model.

Swift decision-making: We have no intentions to rob anyone’s money if we feel that there’s no match between us and our client. If we identify a situation where we can’t help our potential client, we will tell them that before any more time or money is wasted.

The right tech for the right problem: We build our solutions with technologies that are best for solving the problem at hand. We also always rely on technologies that have excellent support and documentation, and which don’t cause any kind of trouble for our clients. We hate vendor lock-ins as much as our clients hate them.

The Kodan Platform

We offer a launching platform for new businesses and ideas. We, in our infinite creativity, call this the Kodan Platform. At the moment, the platform is used by three companies that rely on Kodan’s know-how to develop and build their business.

Our people

Daily life at Kodan

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