Kodan Platform

We offer a launching platform (called Kodan Platform) to new businesses, ideas and products. At the moment, the platform is used by three companies that rely on Kodan’s know-how to develop and build their business.

Kodan Platform is not “just” a start-up incubator or an investment fund. Instead, we are looking for companies that we know we can help to succeed. Kodan’s help can come in the form of a loan, investment, consulting, software development, design, or any combination of these.

The bottom line is: we don’t just offer or want money. We want to find companies that we can help, but who can also help us with their expertise, attitude or network.


Platform cases and companies


Wertti is a Finnish start-up that aims to shake up the insurance field. They offer a single, effective interface to quickly invite tenders from multiple insurance companies. Check out wertti.fi


Helborg is a BI, analytics and data enthusiast company. They focus on effective, insightful and beautiful data visualization for business decision-makers. Read more at helborg.fi


LokiTime is a cloud service for issuing and managing keys easily. It is suitable for all kinds of operators, from property owners to security and the public sector. Read more at lokitime.fi

Contact our Platform team

If you have any questions or you feel like we should meet, contact our Platform team via email: platform@kodan.fi