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We’re always looking for software developers and designers.

Join our teams in Helsinki or Tampere.

Hello! We are currently looking especially for Senior Software Developer. Read more from here.


To start the application process, send a message to jobs@kodan.fi or tomi.viitasalo@kodan.fi and we’ll get things running. We can meet online or face-to-face, and we usually meet potential recruits over breakfast, lunch or a glass of wine. Beer also works.

We're looking for people who are interested in building great digital services and who have approximately 5+ years of experience in software development.

The technologies you’ve mastered or the buzzwords you can list aren’t that important to us. What matters to us is that you are motivated to:

  • be a part of a team

  • constantly learn new things

  • develop and adapt to smart ways of working

  • spread your knowledge and ideas


Is Kodan a good fit for you?

Our future plans

We aim to stay a moderate sized company, not too small but not too big either. Our main market is Finland and if we someday expand our operations abroad, it will happen organically through new clients or employees. Our offices are around 10-50 person units where everyone knows their colleagues by their first names. The units are small, cosy and independently run.

Our recruitment process

The key to our growth is responsible and sustainable recruitment. We own our company so we don’t have shareholders breathing down our necks, and we can choose our own pace of growth. When we recruit people, we make sure that they feel at home before we recruit more.

Our culture

Creativity, collaboration and wellbeing are values that guide Kodan and determine the company’s communications. Read more about our culture: The Kodan Way.

Learning and exploration at Kodan

We support learning and exploration in every way possible. Here are some examples of our learning and exploration initiatives.

Kodan Frontend Community (also known as KFC) is Kodan’s internal frontend and design-oriented learning group. Its purpose is to highlight user-centred software development topics and share knowledge. KFC meets every Friday and also has an active Slack channel.

Kodan Lab is Kodan’s own R&D laboratory where our employees can build and test all kinds of techy stuff, big and small.

Kodan Platform is Kodan’s launching platform for new business and ideas. At the moment, Kodan Platform is used by three companies that rely on Kodan’s know-how to develop and build their business.


Salaries and working hours

We have fixed monthly salaries as a remuneration model. The ballpark monthly salary is between 3000-6000 euros, based on experience and responsibilities. Some of us have hourly contracts for more flexibility and freedom. We 100% support remote work and flexible working hours. As long as your client and your team know and accept your working hours, you are free to work wherever and whenever you want.


We have it all: massages, extensive dental and healthcare benefits, mobile and lunch benefits, mental health support, insurances, etc. Also, all permanent employees of Kodan can join the Winter in Spain cooperative and own their own part of the company. Read more below.

Winter in Spain

We have a co-operative (Finnish: ‘osuuskunta’) called Winter In Spain. The cooperative is owned by our people, and it owns 20.8% of the company. Winter in Spain has one board member present on the Kodan board and it pays dividends after every successful year. All permanent employees of Kodan are welcome to join the coop!

Let’s talk about you

We will always choose the tech we use based on what is best for the project and our client. But to give you some idea what techs we are working with, here is a list of some of the technologies our developers are currently working with: Clojure, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Node.js, Angular, C#, React, React Native, Swift, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Flutter, Typescript, Python, Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes.

When it comes to designers, we are looking for people who are interested in end-users, design thinking, exploration, and creativity, and who know their way around the digital world.

How to apply?

Send a message to jobs@kodan.fi and we’ll continue from there. You can write to us in either English or Finnish. You might have your interview with Iku, Oliver, Jesse or Jan, just to name some possible interviewers.

You can also contact Tomi Viitasalo if you have any questions:

Tomi Viitasalo
+358 (0)400 81 81 11

We look forward to hearing from you!